Kildare / Dublin


  • House Tetris

    Any musician who has ever had to load a vehicle full of gear is familiar with the concept of Car Tetris. But what about your home recording set up? Let's talk House Tetris…

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  • Taming Valve Amps

    Getting a good electric guitar sound out of a nice valve amp isn't rocket science.
    But, invariably, it involves turning the amp up to neighbour-bothering levels.
    If you're trying to record at home, this can also be room-shacking levels.
    Here's a neat way around the volume problem...

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  • Battling the room

    Last weekend I ran a free workshop on home recording. The venue was generously provided by a local school, and we had attendees from Dublin, Kildare, Waterford and Galway. Judging by the notes that were being furiously scribled, everyone came away from the day having learned some new things, which was the aim - to help people navigate and avoid the time-drains and problems that I've worked through over the years while recording. I thought I'd share a few of quick tips from the workshop, focusing on one problem in particular.

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  • Sleeping with the enemy

    Despite what I said in my last blog, sometimes you're going to have to book into a studio. Some projects will need what studios can provide and DIY can't, be it a particular room, equipment or (most importantly) people you want to work with. So how do you get the most out of those sessions for the money you put in?

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  • Budget is the enemy

    I just finished a really productive and creative session at the weekend. One of those "leave with a smile on your face" sessions. I'm pretty sure that budget concerns could have made it a very different experience...

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